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Day Program

The day program once known as Red River Workshop was established in 1974. It is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities to individuals with intellectual disabilities to enhance their skills and confidence in order to reach their vocational potentials and to become productive members of society. A new building was built in 1988 to accommodate the growing number of individuals and contracts. In 1994 a recycling building was built to start recycling programs in Rm of DeSalaberry, Rm of Montcalm, Rm of Franklin, Village St. Pierre & Town of Emerson and the town of Morris joined our recycling program in 2006. A shipping and cold storage building was added in 2005. In 2018 a brand new recycle facility was build to keep up with the growing demand for recycling. A staff consisting of management and nine supervisor/trainers offer outstanding individualized and group training programs to 60 participants where the work done helps to fund the services received. We offer a variety of subcontracting services to nationally recognized and local businesses. We assemble products such as pet toys, camping and fishing gear. We also do sewing contracts such as canvas/cotton bags and sport pinnies. In our heat sealing packaging department we package emergency candles, light sticks and many other camping gears. Our woodworking department contracts consists of building and assembling picnic tables, making survey stakes and other wood products for privately owned companies as well as both municipal and provincial government departments. The recycling department does curbside pick–up in four municipalities and three towns. Once the recycling has been picked up it is then sorted, baled and shipped to facilities in Winnipeg, Winkler and Morden to be reprocessed. Last but not least is our retirement program. This program allows the individuals to participate in leisurely activities such as exercises, crafts and card games. The day program is dedicated to our prime objective of increasing the personal achievement and satisfaction of all individuals in our center. We offer bilingual services to all our participants.

Residential Program

In 1976 the residential program known as La Residence de St. Malo Inc. opened their first home for individuals with intellectual disabilities through the Welcome Home Program which the Department of Family Services initiated. This home is situated at 65 Bourgeois Street and now provides services and housing to 5 individuals and has a respite bed that is used on an ongoing basis.

In 1986 due to the success of the first home and the continued support from the community, La Residence de St. Malo Inc. opened a second home located at 9 Morin Avenue for four more adults but after some remodeling the home has 5 residents.

In 2003 a third home was built at 116 St. Malo Street which is wheelchair accessible. There are 5 individuals living in this home and the home also has 1 respite bed that is used on an ongoing basis.

We have added a fourth home.

The Residential Program assists, encourages and promotes all residents to become involved in the community. The homes have staff which assist and supervise the residents to meet their unique individual needs in warm and inviting homes. The program offers bilingual services to our residents.

Other Services

All clients are picked up by our drivers to take back and forth from home to programming.

Outings are arranged to take clients to various activities such as Festival du Voyageur or to St Malo Park.

What can you recycle?

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